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The Future of Farming

Severe labor shortage poses a major barrier in the transformation to sustainable farming especially in local food systems DailyRobotics is building a cost-effective solution that can automate labor-intensive tasks for multiple types of crops. The core technology is a software brain that transforms off-shelf robotics arms into intelligent ones. Our system enables multi-purpose farming by mimicking human vision and motion. This breakthrough significantly shortens the development cycle from multiple years to just weeks or months, eliminating the need for collecting very large data sets for learning. Our solution bridges the gap by upgrading the abilities and capabilities of farmers so that they scale sustainable and local fresh produce production.

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Human-Level Software Operating Smart Robotic Arms in Fresh Produce Farms
Human-Level Software Operating Smart Robotic Arms in Fresh Produce Farmsplantrobot

A multi-crop/task robotic arms

The Eyes: Able to observe and deeply understand every plant
The Brain: To reason and make short- and long-term decisions
The Arms: To execute manual work in a complex environment (Dexterity)

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A multi-purpose farming robot

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